Cardiac and vascular surgeons at Boca Raton Regional Hospital are now performing cases in the most advanced and sophisticated operating room environment available---the Hybrid OR. Working in conjunction with Siemens Healthcare, Boca Regional has combined state-of-the-art imaging, endovascular and surgical techniques, all in one operating room.

In the more conventional hospital setting, these elements are usually dispersed throughout the institution. For example, imaging studies-- pre-operative, intraoperative and post-operative--- are done in various locations in Radiology. With a Hybrid OR, high-quality angiographic imaging can be performed in a single setting at any time before, during and after the procedure.

Having these capabilities available in the OR provides both the patient and the surgical team with distinct and substantial benefits. The patient no longer needs a separate angiographic study before an endovascular or surgical procedure. Anesthesia time is reduced. Total procedural time is lessened, which reduces the recovery period, the risk for complications and surgical team fatigue.

To learn more about the Hybrid OR at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, click here to read the official press release.