Sometimes the fairytale doesn’t unfold with Prince Charming riding in to save the day. Meet Angela Lutin, persona behind lifestyle and dating blog, Essentially Angela.

Angela is a motivational speaker and teacher with her first published work, Play Big, detailing her philosophy on going for the long shots in life. And although she claims to be no fitness expert, she has won the adoration and loyalty of riders at Flywheel Sports, becoming the most sought after indoor cycling teacher in South Florida.

This native of the deep South is anything but your typical Southern belle.  From the moment she opens her mouth you are keenly aware she isn’t in Mississippi anymore. This divorced single mom takes pride in blazing her own trails, and usually setting fire to the bridges behind her while doing it.

Angela dispenses her musing on life, dating, and anything else that comes into her twisted mind on her website,, and she is honored to now answer your dating and advice questions for Boca Raton magazine. In her usual no holds barred style, she says, "A chef is the expert on food, a stylist knows the right clothes...and me? I'm the one you come to for questions about love, sex, and relationships. I'm certainly experimenting to find the right formula every day."

Angela resides in Boca Raton, Florida with her son, Grayson, and dogs, Duke & Carmen.