Just when I thought summer was settling in, I run into a weeknight with three—count ‘em—THREE opening night parties. The Sand Bar made its official debut (across from the beach, next door to Boston’s) and promises t be the hot hot hot spot of summer, with its crazy good run drinks and snappy little menu. Delray has needed a tiki bar for years, and this one is spectacular.

Then there was the opening night for 75 Main, the new version of the celebrity-studded South Hampton restaurant of the same name (in the old Cugini’s spot next to Vic and Angelo’s). Although Delray could care less about celebrities (take that show to South Beach) we love the look of this place, and wish them well…the number of great places to dine downtown is now officially dizzying.

But the topper of the evening, speaking of dizzying, was the opening VIP party at the new iPic movie theater/restaurant/lounge in Mizner Park in Boca Raton. If anyone ever needed a very good reason to swing down to Boca, this is it: an over-the-top drop-dead gorgeous restaurant and bar (all done in an earthy Indo-chic theme) that is a prelude to a luxury cinema experience. Think reserved reclining oversized seats, complete with pillow and binkie, a center console table for food, drink, and your own call button so you can order from your seat. Seriously. I know this sounds like “sooo Boca,” but I for one, am loving the idea. The opening party was a smash (complete with a bubbly Paul Abdul showing up). The food was excellent and the whole concept is a home run. Here’s to another hit from our own South Florida vision man Hamid Hashemi, president and CEO of iPic Theaters. 

And this serves as official notice that no one—and I mean no one—can claim to being bored this summer!