You may notice a few new stands the next time you swing by Target to pick up milk, hair ties, shampoo, dog food, throw pillows, PopTarts, nail polish, a gift for your sister’s friend’s new baby, and that bathing suit you absolutely must own.

Earlier this year, Target announced it would foster a new program called The Shops at Target. The program would make select products from specialty stores and boutiques across the country available in all of Target’s stores and online.

On May 6, the five unique collections debuted to the public. Here is a little more information about each shop.

The Candy Store: Sweet treats from this tiny San Francisco candy boutique can now be purchased to satisfy your sweet tooth. Get hungry for Black Licorice Dogs, Sour Stars, Round Swirl Lollipops, and Gummy Fried Eggs.

Cos Bar: This special beauty brand began in Aspen, Colo. and has already expanded to eight additional states. Now the bright bath accessories, manicure tools and cosmetic bags can be purchased at a Target near you.

Polka Dog Bakery: The dog days are over with the addition of the Polka Dog Bakery's line. The Boston shop offers natural baked goods and accessories for your pup. Check Target’s pet section for General Bow Wow’s Chicken Biscuits, Snickerpoodles Biscuits, bowls, balls, collars and more.

Privet House: This Connecticut home decor store, founded in 2008, offers a signature line of home and garden accessories. Shop their Target table settings, pillows, wicker baskets and stationary.

The Webster: South Florida is now available on a national level! The beautiful fashion brand, originally located in our own Miami Beach backyard, now offers apparel for women, men, kids and babies in fun prints and colorful shades, everywhere.

There are almost 400 products available from the five collections, all at very reasonable prices. Happy shopping!