When we were little, Cinderella taught us (women, that is) that your whole life can change with a simple slip of a shoe.

Because of that it seems we can never have quite enough shoes. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of sexy stilettos, zip-up combat boots, soft suede moccasins, chunky wedges, hip oxfords and open-toe platform pumps we currently own-- we always need more.

But now, instead of waiting to stumble upon your perfect pair, you can now create them.

With a few clicks, you can design the stilettos/sandals/sneakers of your dreams, at an affordable price.

Shoes of Prey: This is our go-to site for custom kicks for our fabulous feet. It has simple instructions, a blissfully overwhelming amount of options, and a gallery of real shoes previously created.

Start with one of sixteen shoe types and then attempt to control your clicking.

In addition to offering every color under the sun, and a slew of unique fabric options (including suede, hair, silk and fish skin), you can also change the style of the back, toe and heel height of your shoe.

Twirl your future footwear 360 degrees to see it from all sides, and be sure to add glitter somewhere. Great shoes always have a little sparkle, after all.

Another plus? The price is clearly marked at the bottom of your design (Just $180 for custom oxfords) and arrive in about five weeks.

Shoe sizes are in European sizes, so Google what you wear.

If you happen to go crazy and need help deciding which pair to order first, click on the site’s social networking icons to share your designs with your Facebook friends or Pinterest followers.

NikeID: If you are a runner/hiker/full-time mom/any sort of athlete, look into Nike’s fine selection of footwear.

Nike has brand new design options, allowing you to pair different tops and soles for the ideal workout shoe.

In case you are not familiar with Nike’s numbering system, the popular brand uses a shoe cushioning scale that ranges from zero to 10. Zero is the equivalent to being barefoot and a 10 equals a standard, stiff running shoe. For example, Nike’s Free 3.0 sneakers are some of the most flexible soles on the market.

When designing, if you can click on it, you can color it. There are 14 different shoelace colors alone, and the second pair comes free of charge-- in a different color.

You can even add a logo or words on the top of your shoes’ tongue. Remind yourself to run harder, and then slap a color on it.

Choose your size (half sizes are available, and Nike tends to run small) and hit ‘order’. For around $130, the shoes are yours. They will drop on your doorstep in about four weeks.

Working out never looked so good.

Milk & Honey: Two sisters put their feet together to create this crafty endeavor. Like Shoes of Prey, Milk & Honey allows women to select from a variety of popular shoe styles (pumps, sandals, flats, booties and wedges) and tailor from there.

The design process is a little cartoon-y, but the final product is very real.

Choose a fabric, including crocodile skin, suede, glitter and velvet. Select your colors and then change toe designs, heel height, piping and trim. You even have the option of adding rhinestones and bows to embellish your fancy footwear.

This site appears to be especially suited for brides and bridesmaids. If you found the right man, but not the right pair of shoes, check out this site. Prices range in the low hundreds.

Shipping is free (within the United States) and delivery occurs in about six to eight weeks.

Now, if only we could custom create our own prince charming....