So I just got back from several days on an island in the Bahamas with a family I love and it’s been hard to even imagine getting back into the grind after that warm bath of lazy days and girl talk, snorkeling, fresh grilled fish, even a bonfire on the beach. All against that hypnotic soundtrack of small perfect blue waves rolling over and over again on that perfect white crescent of sand. That follows a few days in Key West at Eden House, my go-to-all-time-favorite Keys place and that follows a week driving all around Morocco. Normally, I have all summer to look forward to an August vacation, but this year the trips all fell back to back in June and July.

So I am back now, squarely installed in my house and at my job and there are no more trips on the immediate horizon. My Facebook pals are still in vacation mode, biking through the Continental Divide, headed for Venice, schmoozing in the Hamptons or North Carolina or Wyoming.

So now what? Do I put my head down and pretend summer is over?

Nope. Not a chance. This is where Delray kicks on, code word for aren’t-you-glad-you-live-in-a-cool-place?  I plan to squeeze every last drop of summer out of July and August by working my way through my own South Florida bucket list of fun, starting with a movie tonight with the girls at the Premier Club (although Ipic is another option now.) And coming up? Golf at Puttin’ Around, dinner at Max’s Harvest, a late Sunday afternoon at Sand Bar, a bike ride to breakfast at the Green Owl, a visit to the Morikami, maybe a shark feeding at Sandoway House or a morning fishing trip on the Sea Mist.  The possibilities are endless.

We always talk about stay-cations, but it’s so easy to stay holed up in your air-conditioned house watching Netflix and waiting for football season to start. This summer I want to break out of that mold and spend the rest of summer vacation right here, with a little work thrown in for good measure. There’s a reason this is called vacationland and I plan to find it.

Who’s with me?