Lady Gaga is adding to the mix of gossip and glamour again with the announcement of a fragrance as strange and captivating as herself.

The mother monster announced in June that she would be releasing a perfume called "Fame" with a strange consistency (Um, did somebody say blood?), but more concrete details leaked this week.

Gaga claims the fragrance will be the first ever black eau de parfum: “First of its kind, this perfume is an innovation in fluid technology. It’s black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne.”

The bottle, adorned with a gold metal steeple, is clear. All that darkness you see IS the fragrance. However, the pop sensation reassures her little monsters in a press release that the perfume sprays clear.

Another attention-grabbing aspect of this perfume is there is no note hierarchy. No top notes or base notes are listed. Each ingredient is stated to mesh together at the same time.

The compound includes tears of belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, pulverized apricot, saffron and honey.

Gaga tweeted that her potion will be available in two versions, come September. The bigger bottle of “Fame” will be cost $70 and a smaller bottle will be available at $30.

Gaga’s tweets are shown below: