The latest stop on my South Florida Groupon gym diet is Dirt Fitness (7152 Beracasa Way. Boca Raton; 561/447-0505; Although they’ve been around for some time, if it wasn’t for the daily deal, I would have never found this cool facility that is tucked into a crowded strip mall.

Dirt stands for Designed Integrated Resistance Training. The class I tried was called the Dirty 40. But it’s the tagline that had me intrigued: 40 minutes, 700 calories. Really? I’m always skeptical when these kinds of claims are made. The class is described as cardio, strength training and stability exercises all in one group fitness class. While I did not wear a calorie counter to see if the claims are true, I can say that this class kicked my butt. And I definitely left dirty.

If you have ever taken CrossFit before, the first thing you will notice is the similarities between the two programs. Owner Kelli Musa is CrossFit certified and used to teach there. She created Dirt Fitness based on some CrossFit principles, but she also wanted her fitness center to focus more on technique and choices. She believes that fitness starts from within. “I am a firm believer in using your own body weight in a multiplane of movement,” Musa says. “Core strength is truly the most important aspect to a strong and healthy body. The ‘mirror muscles’ will follow, but it all needs to start from within.”

Every Dirty 40 class is different because each day there is a new workout that incorporates cardio, strength and stability. My class was four rounds for time and had medicine ball sit-ups, dumbbell pushups (ouch!) and kettlebell swings and then your choice of cardio. I loved that they had a variety of cardio options which can be mixed up for each round like running around the strip mall (no thanks), to using a plethora of spin bikes, a rowing machine (my fav!) or jumping rope. Also, although it wasn’t involved in my particular class that day, I scoped out some TRXs along the back wall, so I’m sure those are used other days.

I really enjoyed my time at Dirt and will definitely be back. They also have a kids class, spin classes, hot yoga and an awesome Tabata class (for more on Tabata, click HERE). Another plus about Dirt is the class times. Like most gyms the early morning and after-work classes are the most crowded. But Dirt offers a 12 p.m. class every day, and a 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visit their website for a complete schedule and prices.