When summer changes to fall, or in South Florida, when too hot changes to tolerably hot, our hair needs a makeover. Summer’s sun, salt, wind and chlorine damage is easily spotted on hair and there comes a time when that burnt out blond needs a refresher. We teamed up with hair stylist Chari DePersio, and Redken Master Colorist Patrick Fitzwater from Salon Oasis of Boca Raton, (6100 Glades Road; 561/482/9610; salonoasisofboca.com) to learn about what’s hot for the upcoming season, besides our weather.

For color, Patrick says:

Ombre trend still going strong in Boca: “Boca Raton is really latching on to the ombre technique of extending out the roots but illuminating the ends of the hair. It gives a very glamorous beachy look.”

Go BR-ONDE: “One trend we are seeing right now on runways and celebrities is known as ‘Br-onde’; it’s not quite blonde, not quite brown. It’s basically a darker blonde. It’s not as bright and more natural looking. That will be the new fall hue.”

Protect your color: “The best way to keep up with your hair color is to use a color safe shampoo and to also use a heat protective styler. We don't want you to burn off that precious hair color with extreme heat styling. I recommend Duo Shield by Redken.”

For cuts, Chari says:

Big hair is in: “For both long and short hair, the trend is lots of movement and texture with sexy, sultry layers. And when it comes to styling, loose curls and big blown out hair are definitely in.”

Braids, braids, braids: “Braids are the newest, most fun alternative to putting your hair back.”

Palm Beach County women have it going on: “Most women in Boca are pretty up to date with current trends in regards to hair. But be aware of TOO much. That’s when hair that is too blonde or too dark and even too long.”

Salon Oasis Makeover Contest

Generations of women—and of course some men as well—have been enthralled by Cinderella’s rags to riches tale that included a dramatic makeover and a gorgeous dress. Even designers that fascinate our hearts (and feet) got in on the Cinderella story this year and made their own versions of the glass slipper, first Marc Jacobs and then Christian Louboutin. But you don’t need a fairy godmother to feel like a princess. Just ask Ray Schwartzberg, who won the Salon Oasis Facebook Makeover contest. Her prize included hair color, cut and style, a manicure and pedicure, and a make-up application all courtesy of Salon Oasis. But the transformation didn’t stop there. Bloomingdale's in Boca Raton provided a new outfit and HLN, an image management firm, audited Schwartzberg’s closet and provided personal shopping and styling advice. What is the difference between this and the fairy tale? She gets to keep the look well past midnight.  

See the already gorgeous Schwartzberg’s before and after below: