The expert: Carol Morgan has been running a private matchmaking business for some 25 years. The first match she ever made was for her father, who was 66 and widowed after 46 years of marriage to Carol’s mother. She ran a personal ad in the Sun-Sentinel and dozens of people responded. Her father would soon find a new partner—and Morgan, when word spread of her success, soon had a new profession. Today, her client base numbers in the hundreds.

The fee: Price upon request; call 561/306-3131 or visit for more information.

The service: Morgan meets potential clients at her home in Boca Raton and puts them in the “hot seat” (a section of her beautiful white couch) for an in-depth discussion about their life, background, likes, dislikes, hobbies and more. She takes that information and looks for a possible match within her pool of clients. “It’s rare that at least one or two matches don’t come to mind immediately,” she says. “If I feel I can’t match within the pool, I’ll recruit for members while I’m out at social functions.”

The match: Morgan calls with a possible match, and if the client is interested, names and numbers are exchanged. The gentleman always makes the first phone call, keeping the courting process very traditional.

The aftermath: Morgan waits to hear feedback after the date from both clients, which she says is critical. “I learn a lot about the clients that way,” Morgan says. “The women generally call within the hour; the men, within a week.”

The future: Morgan has enjoyed so much success with her mostly middle-aged clients that she has decided to begin matching young adults in their 20s and early 30s. “I get so many e-mails from younger people, and they have nowhere to go,” she says. “Young people are looking for real relationships, and that’s what matchmaking is all about. Real relationships. Committed, soul-mate relationships.”

Courtship Tips

1) Men have to be traditional. They have to open doors—and women should wait to see if they’re going to.

2) It never hurts for men to show up with a small, little bouquet of flowers.

3) Men: Don’t talk about another woman on a date.

4) If you have a definite feeling at the end of the first date that you want to go out again, say so. If not, don’t say, “I’ll call you.” That’s the coward’s way out. Say, “I had a pleasant evening. I’m not quite sure the chemistry is right, but it was so nice to have met you and spend some time getting to know you.” Women will appreciate that.

5) Don’t be afraid to look your best.

6) A smile goes a long way, especially when someone is nervous.