On Saturday evening almost 3,000 South Floridians gathered at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek to savor all things bacon.

Hosted by chef Todd Fisher from Discovery’s Destination America show “United States of Bacon,” the sweet and savory event featured bacon-based food from 20 local restaurants. Chefs faced off to make the best porky dishes in three categories—appetizer, entrée and dessert. There were silly carnival games, a “hog” bike show, and live performances by the Dan Band and the Bacon Brothers Band.

Before the sizzling sold-out show, we had an opportunity to chat with Kevin and Michael Bacon. In their spare time (wait, what spare time?), the famous brothers write, record and tour with their six-piece band. Since forming in 1995, the Bacon boys have released six albums.

So how’d they get involved with this annual pig-toasting extravaganza?

“Well, we changed our name last year, and we figured that would be the best way to get into it,” Michael joked. “And it worked!”

At the event, fans and Bacon lovers were able to hear a sampling of harmonious, original songs from all six of the band’s albums. The brothers, who are nine years apart, said they enjoy performing together.

“[The best part is] just getting to hang,” Kevin said. “To know when you look across the stage that someone’s got your back.”

Although both men are in separate successful careers (Kevin is an award-winning actor, and Michael is a decorated film-score composer and musician), the Bacons explained their band is not just a recreational outlet.

“I spend a lot of time worrying about the Billboard charts,” Michael said. “It’s like anything you start doing. It’s fun at first and then it’s a business, and you get on a track of figuring out where you want to go. [We are] thankful and grateful for how far we’ve gone with it over these years, but I always have my eye on something gleaming on the horizon.”

We couldn’t resist asking about Kevin’s current gleaming endeavors. Bacon currently stars on the successful FOX television series, “The Following,” where he plays a former FBI agent tackling a web of serial killers. The popular series has drawn a lot of controversy for its violent and terrifying subject matter.

“I’m really happy about the show,” Kevin said. “I always had a sense that the show would probably be controversial and that’s OK because at least people are talking about it.”

As a twist, we interviewed the brothers about each other, and they happily participated.

BRM: Michael, what is Kevin’s favorite color?

Michael: Red?...Oh, black!

Kevin: It’s purple!

BRM: What’s Kevin’s favorite movie?

Michael: All of his own movies! All 6,000 of them ... Those are his favorites.

BRM: What’s his biggest fear?

Michael: Being late.

BRM: What is the love of his life?

Michael: A little blonde named Kyra Sedgwick.

BRM: How does he like his bacon prepared?

Michael: Crispy? Crispy.

BRM: What is his most embarrassing moment on stage?

Michael: One time he was getting a little out of hand and he banged his head against a microphone and a fan in the crowd said, ‘Kevin, you’re bleeding!’ He had blood trickling down his forehead. It was pretty funny.

BRM: Okay Kevin, your turn. What is your brother’s favorite color?

Kevin: Green?

BRM: What is Michael’s favorite movie?

Kevin: Privileged.

Michael: Well done!

BRM: What is his biggest fear?

Kevin: I don’t know, I don’t know if he has any fears. He’s fearless.

BRM: What is the love of his life?

Kevin: Betsy Mcguire.

BRM: How does he like his bacon prepared?

Kevin: I would say crispy.

BRM: What is his most embarrassing moment on stage?

Kevin: You know, I was thinking about that one. There have been maybe a couple of times where the lyrics have eluded him. ... One time we were playing the Poconos and he said, ‘We love the Catskills!’ (Laughs.) Wrong mountain range.