With David Manero out of the picture and John Rosatti firmly in control, downtown Delray’s The Office (201 E. Atlantic Ave., 561/276-3600) is getting a little multiculti with its new menu.

Among the new additions are corvine ceviche with sweet potato chips, tempura-fried sea bass tacos with whipped avocado, togarashi-spiked sushi-grade tuna sandwich (with avocado and pickled ginger), and barbecued Chinese chicken wings (with green papaya-daikon slaw.

Newbies on the cocktail side include the Coconut Cloud (Svedka vanilla vodka, Malibu rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice and mint) and the Papaya Cosmopolitan (Absolut vodka, lime juice, papaya puree, agave nectar and cranberry juice).

But if you’re a fan of The Office’s upscale comfort food, don’t despair. The Angus burger, fried green tomatoes with shrimp, pulled pork sammie and country fried chicken are all still on the menu. After all, this multiculti business only goes so far. . .