With fresh fare, the right equipment and a little practice, even the most timid home cook can grill seafood with confidence. That said, a few expert tips can’t hurt. So we asked Matthew Danaher, executive chef for Gary Rack’s restaurants (Racks Downtown Eatery + Tavern in Mizner Park, Table 42 in downtown Boca, and Racks Fish House + Oyster Bar in downtown Delray), to weigh in.


• The most important part of grilling fish is ... the fish. “It all starts with quality,” Danaher says. “[Fish] should look fresh and smell fresh.”

• Fish should be glistening but not slimy.

• Look for white bulging eyeballs, not red and sunken. Also, look for bright red gills.


• “Season your fish at the last second,” he says. “You don’t want the salt to draw out moisture.”

• At the Fish House, the cooks coat the fish with a mix of olive oil and fresh herbs before grilling. (See recipe)


• “You have to clean your grill,” Danaher says. Heat it up to carbonize any food remnants, and then scrape off the debris. Season the grill with the oil of your choice.

• Make sure the grill is medium-hot and the fish is seasoned.

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