I'm hooked on this stupid late-night show "Baggage" with Jerry Springer. If you were on that show, what would your worst baggage be—and what baggage would most turn you off? —Boca Bob

Boca Bob: Thanks for an interesting question. For all of the readers that don’t know this Springer-led dating show, the concept of “Baggage” is revealing odd, weird or embarrassing truths about yourself to potential suitors before they determine if they want to date you. So ... to answer your question.

My small suitcase of baggage would contain the spoon that I use to eat directly out of the Nutella jar. (Gross, I know!) The tattered blanket that I’ve had for almost 30 years (and sleep with every night) would be in the second suitcase. I’ve heard more than once it’s odd a grown woman has a blankie. The largest piece of baggage I have, though not very odd or shocking, would be my career. Having everything about my life open for public discussion and dissection (revealing my personal baggage is a perfect example) is a heavy load for someone thinking of being in my life.

The baggage that would not only turn me off but leave me running for the hills would be filled with disrespect. I will not allow myself to be with a man that doesn’t adore and respect me and vice versa. We all have baggage we bring into any of our relationships. What’s important  is learning how to check those suitcases at the door and not unpack them in the new space.

Angela, I need to cook for you. Tell me, what foods turn you on? —B.D.

B.D.: That’s a great offer. I don’t remember the last time someone cooked for me. Of course, I haven’t been doing the cooking either! I think it’s fair to say I contribute heavily to the thriving restaurant economy in Boca Raton on a nightly basis. It’s summertime and the temperatures are rising, so I’d want  the meal light and fresh. I’m (mostly) vegan so you’d need to keep that in mind.

What would turn me on? Perhaps we could start with a watermelon-infused cocktail with a mint garnish followed by a large green salad loaded with garbanzo beans, kalamata olives and tomatoes. I love a soup for dinner. Since it’s hot out, an avocado gazpacho sounds like an amazing idea. For dessert, my guilty pleasure would be any type of fruit sorbet, but preferable coconut. Yummm! When are we making this happen?

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