Despite the array of cuisines available on and around Clematis Street, there’s a surprisingly paucity of Italian restaurants.

That, however, will change soon with the debut of Ristorante Santucci, which promises “authentic Italian cuisine” former Belgian restaurateur and chef Emilio Santucci and son and daughter, Eugenio and Selena. The trio’s 2,700-square-foot space will boast a contemporary Italian design, plus an open kitchen, extensive wine display focusing on Italian varietals and giant windows to open the restaurant up to view.

Chef Emilio’s menu will draw on all of Italy’s regions, with house-made pasta and inventive dishes like scampi Sambucca, shrimp, squid and red peppers in a sauce flavored with Sambucca, smoked shellfish and cream. I’ll be back with more details as the opening day gets closer.