Outside Shoppe561, recycled-palettes-turned-flowerbeds carry an abundance of sunflowers. They draw you in, their golden petals waving at you as you drive down Belvedere Road.

In places a tad bit less urban than South Florida, sunflowers might be more of a common sight – but in West Palm Beach, they’re eye catchers.

The store itself, which opens Nov. 1, is even less common. Started by Janelle Lang, Shoppe561 is a collection of items hand-crafted by artists in Florida. Cufflinks with maps imprinted on them, lined baby slings sewn by a mother of five, treats from a local chocolate-maker.

There’s only one of everything in the store, so you’re sure to find something unique – whether it’s a piece for your jewelry collection or a present for a visiting relative. 

And if you find something you’re keen on but would like customized, Lang can make that happen too. That same purse design, but in blue. That baby mobile, but with teddy bears instead of butterflies. 

Lang says the goal is to inspire the artists to take their skills even further.

As of today, artists featured in the store hail as far south as Miami and as far North as Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Next to each artist’s items in the shop, a metal plaque (made by a local blacksmith of course) holds his or her photo and short bio.

Lang hopes this will bring a sense of community, letting the customer know the story behind the item, the face behind the maker.

Shoppe561 will also hold classes hosted by local artists. We’ll bring you information as we get it!

A portion of all proceeds go toward the movement against human trafficking. There is also a Hope House wall, with a portion of its sales going toward the organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

Shoppe561 is located at 519 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach. For more information, visit shoppe561.com or call 561/557-7278.

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