A former burger joint in West Boca is going to the dogs. Hot dogs.

That bit of whimsy comes courtesy of House of Dog, a kosher hot dog joint set to debut by year’s end in the old Boardwalk Fresh burger palace on Powerline Road. The Boca Dog is the first pup in the litter of the Miami mama, where the dogs aren’t just boiled in beer (before being griddled), they’re injected with beer.

Though you won’t get any cheese or dairy (it is kosher, after all) you will get plenty of beer, with as many as 50 artisan brewskis said to be on the menu.

That menu, btw, doesn’t dog it when it comes to dogs, with weiners tricked out every which way, from Reuben and Chicago style to Trashy Lassie (chili, applewood-smoked bacon, cole slaw, onion rings and Buffalo sauce) and Ninja (portobello mushroom, pineapple, teriyaki sauce and wasabi aioli). Also on the menu will be burgers and wings, Belgian fries and soups ‘n’ salads.

When I get more info you’ll be the first to know.