With its burbling fountains, banyan trees and historic architecture, it’s easy to see why The Addison (2 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, 561/372-0568, theaddisonofbocaraton.com) is such a popular choice for weddings. But, beyond its setting, this venue also boasts first-rate food—a crucial component to any reception, says Grace Eurglunes, wedding and special events manager. At The Addison, couples don’t have to choose from predetermined menus but may customize their meal from hundreds of options.


How should a couple start gathering ideas for their menu?

The best inspiration is food that the couple really enjoys or something reminiscent of a special date or milestone.

What are some questions a couple should ask when interviewing caterers or catering directors?

What is the guest-to-server ratio? If I select a full open bar, does that include tableside wine and beverage service? How will dietary requirements be taken care of? What is my realistic total spend based on my current estimated guest count?

How can a couple personalize their food?

Often, the simple touches are the most memorable. Things like creating cultural menus; personalizing the plates with edible flowers or unique herbs; preparing farm-to-table menus; and quirky presentations.

Is a sit-down dinner or a buffet more affordable?

Sit-down is the most elegant and certainly the most affordable. With a buffet, the kitchen needs to prepare one portion of every menu option for every guest, so the bride and groom are actually paying more.

How can a couple save money on food expenses?

Host the wedding on a Friday, Sunday or weekday night. Or host a daytime wedding breakfast or lunch, which not only lowers food cost but also helps to cut back on alcohol consumption. Most venues offer incentives for a weekday or daytime event. That way, you get the platinum menu for a discounted price: It’s a win-win!