One thing I’ve learned covering fitness in Boca: There are all kinds of approaches to getting stronger, fitter, healthier and more flexible. All you have to do is find the one that’s right for you. Even gyms and studios that have the same general approach to fitness, like CrossFit boxes or yoga studios, tend to have individual twists to the sports.

Take CrossFit Kismet (279 W. Camino Real). Boca Raton’s Coach Chris “CK” Kidawski and his wife Jackie opened CrossFit Kismet in June 2014. The couple shared their thoughts about fitness and the new local gym with The Fit Life.

For those unfamiliar, CrossFit is a high-intensity, whole-body workout with constantly changing training sessions. While many swear by it, CrossFit has detractors who say injury rates are high. To ensure people understand correct and safe form, CrossFit Kismet holds mastery classes in snatch, power clean, gymnastics and more.

The coaches’ and owners’ credentials and experience are also important for safer training sessions. CK has several certifications in exercising and coaching, including CrossFit Level 1, Strength and Conditioning Coach and USA Weightlifting certifications.

 “Once I started coaching and training in the ways of CrossFit, I fell in love with the concept and thought this would be a great platform for my life's work,” CK says.

When he tells people what he does for a living, he says people automatically cringe and assume CrossFit is too hard for them.

“After five minutes I can usually convince them otherwise, but the message I get is clear,” he says. “People are intimidated [by] CrossFit.”

His goal is to get everyone from 13 to 90 years old in his gym trying out CrossFit with the help of his very own Kismet Method.

CK says he developed the method during his 16 years of fitness coaching. To visualize it, think of a pyramid with three elements: mobility, stability and performance.

First, CK focuses on freeing up his clients glued muscle tissues. Then he teaches proper technique. Finally, the focus is the performance aspect. CK once had a client whose personal record was four kipping pull-ups. After just one coaching session, the client managed to do 30 nonstop.

To complement its focus on fitness training, CrossFit Kismet offers a free nutrition seminar every third Sunday of the month. The gym also features Wodify, a software developed for CrossFit. Wodify helps athletes track their daily progress and results.

When it comes to philosophy, CK and Jackie go by “people over profits.”

“It’s that simple,” Jackie says.  We see more value in helping others become healthier, feel better about themselves and push their limits than just getting as much people through the doors by putting out a Groupon.”

 And for those wondering, “Kismet,” which means destiny or fate, came by way of love, not sport. Jackie says she picked up the term because of the circumstances of their marriage. Though they were from opposite ends of the country, they met in a gym in Hawaii then ended up in Florida, where they got married.

“We are living … happily ever after,” she says. “It was kismet.”

CrossFit Kismet is open  Monday  through  Saturday and for private appointments on Sundays.

The first two weeks for new clients are free. Prices start at $20 per class. Grand opening prices are still available at $155 for month-to-month or $145 a month for a three month commitment. This deal is limited to the first 50 memberships, so get yours now!

For more, go to: or call 561/990-8055.


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