I just a told an old friend the other day that I was spending my summer cheating on Weight Watchers. I have it down to a science, how you can pretend you ate one portion of chicken salad when it was really three, or how see-through cocktails don’t count or how points are in the eye of the beholder more than something cast in stone. In short, I actually lie to myself, like that’s actually winning.

Which is why I count on a few bright spots to see me through this dark time of endless celery hearts and Greek yogurt. One of those bright spots is Seasons 52, which I know I can go to, have really great food (each item is under or at 475 calories) and it’s not throwing me under that relentless oncoming Weight Watchers bus.

Case in point: I went today and had the Maui Tuna Crunch salad; my dining partner had blackened mahi tacos. There was a lobster and mozzarella flatbread in there somewhere as well, but that was extra—just to taste, of course. I could have kept going—I know the seductive lure of the Tamale Tot—and I could have ordered up a battery of those innocent little desserts served in shot glasses. But I was pretty restrained, at least for me, and it was truly a treat to enjoy really good dining—without the guilt of having overdone it.

Seasons 52 isn’t just about calorie counting; it’s about seasonal well-prepared food, an extensive menu and servers like Andrea Plaza and Jordyn Brenner. (And Spencer, too, who got us out of there in an hour!) I think in all the crush of new restaurants, we tend to forget about some of the tried-and-true stars, the ones that are there for us when we need to get out—and that almost keep us honest.

This is one of them.