In an city with 21 percent of its people over the age of 65––according to the 2010 U.S Census Bureau––Boca Raton has its fair share of businesses that cater to the elderly. But Boca Nursing Services, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has taken this mission one step further.

Its founder, Rose Glamoclija, a licensed registered nurse (R.N.), is involved on a daily basis with each of her patients, making sure they are taking their medication, making progress, and feeling cared for. And in the case of emergencies, she is the first one on the scene.

Glamoclija, who became a R.N. back in 1976, started her own business 20 years ago because she felt that there was a need for unique, high-end, service-oriented caregivers and wanted to provide more for her patients than what most companies offered.

“I really didn’t know how to go about it but I contacted the state and they sent me an application and so I just did it on my own.” Glamoclija says.  “But 20 years ago there weren’t many nursing services, so I was a bit ahead of my time.”

Some things have changed since Glamoclija first opened Boca Nursing Services. She has, obviously, kept up with the changing legal environment, but she has also opened a second location in Palm Beach, and even had her two sons––Alexander and Michael––join the family company and spearhead the “business aspect.” However, Glamoclija’s desire to create personalized and patient-oriented services has stayed the same. All of the R.N.s on staff have to be screened by Glamoclija herself and her patients are matched to the R.N.s––as well as LPNs, CNAs, aides, and therapists––who can best serve an individual patient’s needs. She still meets with patients on a daily basis and is willing to do anything for her clients in order to keep up with the company’s “concierge style” business model.

“You have to commit yourself to your business and especially, your clients,” Glamoclija says. “It’s 24/7 but people know and can sense when you care and when you’re there. You have to keep improving on that connection.”

Boca Raton Office: 342 E. Palmetto Park Road, Suites 1 & 2, Boca Raton // 561/347-7566
Palm Beach Office: 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite 322-B, Palm Beach // 561/833-3430

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Michelle Ferrand is a junior at Florida Atlantic University studying English Literature, Sociology and Womens Studies. Disappointed with the lack of magic in the real world, she prefers to be curled up reading a good book or binge watching television shows on Netflix. She prefers an actual book to an e-reader and no, she doesnt want to be a teacher. You can reach Michelle at