A pump of safeHands hand sanitizer will leave your hands clean, fragrant and – get this – moisturized.

That’s right. SafeHands founder and Boca resident Dr. Jay Reuben ditched the drying alcohol ingredient common in hand sanitizers in favor of something more skin-friendly.

This 100 percent alcohol-free sanitizer is non-toxic and non-flammable. It’s just as effective as your alcohol-based cleanser, but you can use it multiple times throughout the day without ending up with dry, cracked skin.

Dr. J, who created the first touch-free sanitizer dispenser, came up with the idea while running his own dental practice. He needed to keep his hands constantly sanitized, but his skin – as well as his staff’s – didn’t respond well to the ever popular alcoholic hand sanitizers.

As alcohol kills germs, it strips away the skin’s natural oils in the process, Dr. Jay says, so he set off to find something that worked with these oils rather than took them away.

Sixty formulas later, safeHands was born.

His goal in its creation was to bring about awareness of how harsh alcohol can be for the skin.

He cited a 2011 University of Florida study that asked participants to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers 120 times daily for three days. A test conducted post experiment found traces of alcohol in urine samples.

“From my stand point – yes, I have a product, but the passion is to get the education out there and to get people to understand it,” Dr. J says.

The product is also available in safeHands Squirts. It’s the same gentle product but in bold colors and scents your children will love: bubble gum, cool blue and tooty fruity.

To find out more, visit the safeHands Facebook account or follow the company on Twitter.

You can purchase safeHands online at http://www.safehands.com or at your neighborhood Walgreens or Rite Aid.