There is a new addition to Royal Palm Place and it may just help you with that spring cleaning you have planned.

California Closets specializes in creating custom pieces for your closet (of course) but also entryways, kids’ rooms, home offices, garages, media centers, pantries and more!

A little backstory: According to the company’s website the company was “founded in 1978 by an [California] 18-year-old college student who turned his innovative idea of maximizing space in his dorm room closet into a successful small business.”

Since then the company has gone on to open more than 100 showrooms in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Domican Republic.

What we found most impressive though is the company’s commitment to sustainability. They make clear that providing clients with environmentally friendly options is a priority.

Most of the boards used by the company are manufactured in the U.S. and all boards are made with recycled wood fibers. California Closets also offers sustainable panels made from organic materials.

We love companies committed to green alternatives!

We also love the idea that more (organized) space means more room for shoes...

Happy shopping!