A new school year has arrived in blinding glory, yet many are shielding their eyes from its light. It’s too early for this! The juggling act of work and school is daunting on its own, without life adding curveballs to the mix. If exhaustion got a jumpstart this year, never fret: Delray Beach has devised a turbo boost. Here are five killer coffee shops to revive, energize and send you out ready for the day.  

1. Spot Coffee

Stemming from a coffee chain in New York, this shop is the only one of its kind within the other 49 states. The atmosphere is laidback and communal, proving the shop has found a welcome home in South Florida. Here you can order a scratch-made chai latte, and be on a first-name basis with the barista who made it.

Location: 44 E. Atlantic Ave.

Phone: 561/455-4041 

2. Gizzi's Coffee 

With coffee from around the world, this spot serves up international flavor. Indulge in Jamaican Blue Mountain, Tanzanian Peaberry, or Mexican Altura--just for starters. For those with worldly tastes but modest budgets, Gizzi’s has got you covered. The cafe cares about locals, and regularly posts coupons on its website (gizzisdelray.com).

Location: 2275 S. Federal Highway

Phone: 561/266-9797 

3. Coffee District

As both a performing arts bar and a coffee house, Coffee District is the place to mingle. Every Monday is Social Beer Night (from 7 p.m.-10 p.m.) and Karaoke Night is every Friday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. With a drink selection ranging from espresso to wine to smoothies and back, there’s something at this party for everyone.

Location: 325 N.E. 2nd Ave.,  #104

Phone: 561/ 455-0541

4. The Grind Café

If God is in the details, he’s lurking within the many homey touches at The Grind. The cafe makes coziness a priority and brings all the necessary aspects, right down to the intricate foam art in each mug (yes, real mugs!). In bypassing paper cups, your study session feels as close to home as possible.

Location: 14859 Lyons Road, #132

Phone: 561/270-2058

5. The Beat Cup Café

Need a haircut, coffee, and entertainment all at once? The only thing separating edgy Salon Resta from The Beat Cup Café is a wall. Sharing an artsy-punk aesthetic with its sister store, the café is a go-to stop for live bands, homemade pies and caffeine.  Serving up Panther Coffee from Miami, this place really knows how to amp it up.

Location: 660 Linton Blvd.,  #110

Phone: 561/330-4693