I have reached the age when I find myself weighing in on modern-day things that drive me crazy: reality TV, Botox, texting at the dinner table, people who do not read, energy drinks and on and on. But here’s a new thing that knocks me out: blow-dry salons! Places you can walk into and get your hair done in 30 minutes. No old-timey cutting or salon perms or rollers or stuff like that—just the kind of wash-and-blow-dry that makes you feel like Jennifer Anniston. Instantly.

I love them.

The latest one on the scene in Delray is Cloud 10, which is having a grand opening Thursday night from six to eight. This place has an actual “hairstyle menu” which includes one with a head and neck massage for an extra $10 (all blow-outs are a flat $40). And there’s one with rain insurance added for $20—so if you get rained on the day you get your hair done, you can come back within a three-day time period and they will give you a free do-over. There is also a make-up menu. 

So no more reason to have to drag yourself to an event after work wearing that day’s humidity-frizzed hairstyle. There is help. Hope. Hair deliverance.

Cloud 10 is at 32 S.E. 2nd Street on the ground floor of Worthing Place.