I always love it when the winners of a hotly contested election go all soft and self righteous and conciliatory, entreating everyone to “come together,” asking for “unity.” (This was all over facebook this week as well as the Delray web site forums.) Meanwhile, the people in the losing camp are not feeling that kumbaya as much as wondering if they owe any money, what lies ahead for the future, where did they fall short.

As for the recent Delray election, I have to say there were winners and losers but the heartening aspect in my humble observation was how many really solid people were running for office. If you look to towns to the north and the south of Delray you just don’t get that kind of field. No one wants to be bothered or you get the same old ineffective die-hards (you know who you are.) Delray’s election had its nasty moments, but at least it seemed to have people who were engaged and who cared and who loved Delray Beach. There was sense of community even in this.

So now what do all of us do about voter turn out? To me, all the warring camps and behind-the-scenes operatives are not nearly as disturbing as the fact that no one in South Florida goes to the polls; the caring seems to fizzle out on the voter levels. What does it take to engage people?

Let’s see if the new leadership can do it. Or if it is even possible these days.

In the meantime, thank goodness it’s over and let’s all hoist a beer at the parade on Saturday. That’s one day on which we can all be the same—Irish.