Sun-kissed, golden hued skies; tranquil aquamarine blues of the sea, and fresh after-the-rain greens made a great palette for David Yurman for his spring collection. Yurman has always been a nature buff, the designer is self-admittedly “easily distracted by natural beauty.” Yurman’s label is easily identifiable by its signature cable motif. And legend has it that the designer always likes to infuse a little bit of history in all his pieces almost always fusing classic with contemporary.

The new collection aptly titled Dreaming in Color features vibrant gemstones with shades inspired by a serene day on a tropical shore: sapphire, carnelian, and amethyst. The Renaissance Bracelet is a good piece to have—it has the iconic cable element and trendy colors in gemstones. 

Yurman uses techniques to highlight a gem’s natural luminescence to reflect its beauty with a fierce abandon—so it’s almost like wearing a sliver of sunlight or a drop of water crystallized as a stone. Take these Cable Wrap, Lemon Citrine, Double Drop Earrings for example—the setting is unconventional and the cable wraps the bright citrus stone intricately creating a bright divergence.

There’s also a black and White facet of this collection that has gemstones like black spinel, onyx, and moonstone quartz. We thought of the black and white as a delightful anomaly. On one hand, nothing says classic more than the eternal mystique of the monochrome, and on the other, black and white is a show-stopping trend on every glamorous runway in the world this season. Packaging the collection as darkness and light being constant companions, the designer has elevated this everyday contrast to dramatic heights. This Labyrinth Disc Enhancer necklace most definitely caught our fancy.

When it comes to jewelry, always look for a classic sensibility with a hint of trends subtly incorporated. If the opposite becomes true, very often it’s a miss-miss situation and an accessory doesn’t do its job of enhancing an outfit and rather dulls the effect. That’s why it is important to invest in the right pieces.

The Dream in Color collection available at the David Yurman boutique in the Boca Town Center Mall.

About Jo:

Jyoti “Jo” Peswani is a fashion maven. As a Chanel-obsessed, published fashion and lifestyle journalist, she definitely has a nose for everyday style. She's an award-winning copy and strategy girl and runs her own marketing and writing consultancy, The Idea Is {In}. She’s a strong advocate of living (and dressing) creatively and takes great pleasure in denying the existence of “the box.”