(A scene from The Theatre at Arts Garage's "Exit, Pursued by a Bear")

You like the Arts Garage, right? The great jazz and blues musicians you wouldn’t see anywhere else, the offbeat theater, the drag shows and piano virtuosi, the laissez-faire policy on outside food and drinks? We at Boca Magazine certainly love this venue; we’ve been hyping it since it played its first concert in summer 2011.

If, like us, you love the Arts Garage and want to see it continue to thrive, its management needs your support. On Feb. 12, the Delray Beach City Commission will be deciding between two offers to purchase its current space, at 180 N.E. First Street. One offer would extend Arts Garage’s lease for another 10 years with an option to buy, and the dreaded second option would turn the location into office space, leaving this cultural and economic driver homeless.

You can help this nonprofit’s cause by making your voice heard. There’s a petition going around on change.org to keep the Arts Garage in its current location. As of this writing, it has 853 supporters, and we’d love to see it peak over one thousand by the time the city votes on its fate. So make your voice heard at the following site, and tell the city why you think the Arts Garage should stay: