Nina Raynor, one of the longest lasting shops on Atlantic Avenue, is hosting a handful of trunk shows throughout the month of January, and if you are free, you should check them out.

Cathy Ann Sauer, part owner and buyer of Nina Raynor, shed some light on why trunk shows are such a unique shopping experience last year in a blog for

“Large department stores buy more of a designer’s collection, and lots of it, so the chances of finding something unique are narrowed,” Sauer wrote. “Small boutiques, like ours, cherry pick from the collections to select the best garments for our particular markets and our particular customers. But guess what? There could be all kinds of outfits you miss out on if none of us selects them.”

This is why trunk shows travel to boutiques and stores across the United States (and the rest of the world).

“Twice a year the main designer collections are shown in New York and then move on to Paris, Milan, London, etc,” Sauer continued. “After ‘market’ when the buyers have finished looking in the showrooms at the collections they saw on the runways, these collections are put together to travel throughout the country to the stores that carry the line. And, yes, nine out of ten times, they come in trunks. Big ones. The store advertises that so and so is here for one, two, three days. You can then visit the store and see the entire collection to make your own selection.”

You can read Sauer’s entire post here.

Now with that nugget of information, you should consider peeking into Nina Raynor for these special events.

This Thursday and Friday, January 17 and 18, Nina Raynor will be hosting a trunk show from Peter Cohen. According to the designer’s website, he is “known for his passion for deluxe fabrics and his strongly held design principles of restraint, longevity and relaxed sensuousness.”

From the looks showcased on his site, Cohen’s pieces are elegant, wearable and simple. No blinding flashes of color or crazy embellishments here. If you like beautiful apparel that will last you a lifetime, make time for this trunk show.

Then on Thursday, Jan. 24, and Friday, Jan. 25, Nina Raynor will host a trunk show by Alex Teih, and the Russian-born designer will be available on-site to meet with clients!

Stop by the boutique to view Teih’s collection of evening couture. His gorgeous gowns and dresses are a spectacular mix of fitted bodices and cascading ruffles that will leave you inspired, and most likely, with a little lighter wallet.

Teih also has a stunning bridal collection.

Lastly, on Monday, Jan. 28, and Tuesday, Jan. 29, Nina Raynor will showcase the Bibhu Mohopatra trunk extravaganza.

According to the designer’s website, “Bibhu’s love of sumptuous Indian fabrics, vibrant colors, and the crafts of his native land have been the inspiration behind his elegant designs.”

Mohopatra was a finalist for the “Women’s Apparel 2010 Rising Star Award” and was awarded the “Young Innovator Award” that same year by the National Arts Club. He is also a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

We were wildly impressed by his spring 2013 collection, which is a dazzling color story of royal blues, vivid yellows, stunning whites, and kaleidoscope patterns. We bet there were a lot of butterflies on his mood board. We will take one of everything, please!

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Happy shopping!