[Photo from houseoftoi.com]

While you’re out shopping, you may want to make a detour to the beautiful Nina Raynor boutique on Atlantic Avenue for a chance to meet two talented designers.

Today, Nov. 29, and tomorrow, Nov. 30 designer Zang Toi is in the gorgeous shop showing his Spring 2013 collection from his “House of Toi.”

The fabulous collection was inspired by his recent trip to the French Riviera, where he sketched whimsical garments in pink, lilac and yellow pastels.

Below are three of our favorite looks from the spring collection. These cotton-candy sweet colors are beyond feminine...and flattering!


[Photos from houseoftoi.com]

Also mark your calendars for Thursday, Dec. 6, and Friday, Dec. 7! Zurich-based designer Roberto Quaglia will be showing his tailored suits, jackets, slacks and dresses at Nina Raynor!

Happy shopping!