George Kotsiopoulos is coming to South Florida, but don’t worry – he’s not handing out any fashion demerits.

He'll be hosting Sawgrass Mills' “Tour De Fashion” on Friday, Oct. 25. This shopping event, which features refreshments, runway shows, trunk shows and complimentary swag bags, celebrates the opening of major designer additions to the Colonnade Outlets.

The already celebrated destination is excited about its new upscale stores including the coveted names of Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Ippolita, Prada, Robert Graham, Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Wolford.

Tickets for the event will be priced at $30 for designer level and $75 for the couture VIP experience, with 100 percent of ticket proceeds being donated to support more than 25 local charitable organizations. You can purchase tickets here.

Kotsiopoulos, who has dress his fair share of celebrities, socialites and CEOs, is best known as the style maven and co-host of E Network’s “Fashion Police.” He's also the style director for C Magazine and style ambassador for Midori, where fans can get style tips from George himself through Facebook and Twitter.

Kotsiopoulos's book, Glamorous by George, comes out in January, and he has a women's clothing line in the works for fall 2014.

Boca Mag got Kotsiopoulos on the phone to talk about his fashion advice for South Florida, discuss outlet shopping and dish on celebrity reaction to “Fashion Police.” 

Boca Mag: Is there something distinctive about south Florida’s style?

George Kotsiopoulos: South Florida covers such a wide range, right. It’s Miami, it’s Fort Lauderdale, it’s Boca. It’s tough because the climate is different, like people think LA has no seasons, but it gets cold here in the winter, whereas I think in south Florida, it’s not really cold in the winter. I don’t necessarily think you should dress for the season; you really dress for the climate ... I think girls have it easier because they can wear dresses that have instant air conditioning.


BM: As a member of fashion police, do you see anything garish that sticks out about our style?

GK: Alright, the only faux paux – and I don’t know if this was just specific to South Beach and New Year’s Eve – but I saw, and this is what I call LBC, lower butt cleavage, which I'm like really? Pull those skirts down girls! I don’t think it’s the dominant thing there, but it was something I noticed. Maybe it’s a South Beach thing though, I'm not sure. And this was in the evening though, not in the daytime. In the daytime maybe it’s more excusable because you have a swimsuit on underneath that, but at night, no, it’s not okay.


BM: With the addition of high-end brands to the Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills, how will this accessibility change the fashion scope for south Florida shoppers?

GK: I mean, I love me an outlet mall. I think it’s awesome. For the true, die-hard fashionistas, it’s wonderful. There’s Prada, I mean any Prada outlet is awesome. There’s one in Palm Springs here I die for … I think anything that brings fashion to the masses is great. Not everyone can afford to shop on Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue. That’s just the reality, so I think it’s wonderful.


BM: Aside from the discounted prices, what are the benefits of outlet shopping?

GK: It’s not just people who can’t afford to shop at places like Park Avenue. Everybody shops at outlet malls, whether you are rich or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s every demographic shops there. I think it’s great – anything that brings more glamor out to the world.


BM: What do ladies in south Florida have to look forward to in terms of upcoming fashion trends for winter2013/spring 2014?

GK: There’s a couple. There’s the black and white trend from spring that kind of is carrying over into fall, which I think is a great season-less trend that works well in any climate, and it’s something that’s already in your closet as well, because everybody has something that’s black or something white. Pair them together and maybe buy an accessory that’s black and white like a bag or a shoe, and you’re on trend.

Then there’s all these great floral prints that have black graphics in them as well, which I think is another great thing because floral genuinely and historically is thought of as spring and summer, but when you infuse the black into it, again makes it season-less.

There were tons of pastels, colored coats, for fall, so maybe you don’t really necessarily have a need for a coat, but everyone has probably a pastel rain slicker or something like that. So you can still be on trend without having to buy some big wintery coat.

It’s funny because one of the fall trends is navy, and it’s like really? That’s a trend? Go buy something navy and then you’re on trend, okay, great!

Trends are fun, but you know ultimately, I still think that you should wear what’s flattering to your body and your age and your skin tone and not really necessarily worry about trends.

BM: Do the celebrities that appear on Fashion Police take it in the spirit intended or have they gotten any vicious feedback from anything that’s been said?

GK: I haven’t found that out from any of them, so I don’t think so. But ultimately, it’s like, you can either be a jerk on the show, or not a jerk. If you’re just saying ‘oh she’s a beautiful girl, I don’t think that dress isn’t flattering on her. I wouldn’t have chosen to wear that. I wouldn’t personally wear that dress.’ How can you get mad at someone for doing that?

It’s comedy. Everyone just needs to calm down. Most of it is meant to be constructive criticism, and it’s really a comedy show. It’s kind of a mixture of everything. It’s a comedy show. It’s a fashion show. It’s a talk show. There’s a lot.


BM: Is filming the show as fun as it looks on TV?

GK: Yes. It totally is. I mean we have so much fun, and you know Joan is just a hoot and a half, and what you don’t hear on camera is probably even more funny.

We just have a blast. We just all really enjoy each other ... I would hang out with any one of them at any given time. They’re all great, which is a really cool thing.