As if being a columnist for Boca Raton, doling out professional relationship advice for clients and raising her son wasn't enough to keep Angela Lutin busy, our resident dating expert is now breaking out on the small screen.

Lutin, author of the popular "The Naked Truth" columns exclusive to, will appear Saturday at 11 a.m. on an episode of MTV's self-improvement show, "Made." In her episode, Lutin coaches a young woman named Emily, who is tired of "always being the bridesmaid and never the bride." During the three months of filming, Lutin gave Emily a complete "dating makeover" that included everything from dealing with her insecurities (over her appearance) to tips on approaching the opposite sex.

“Working with MTV gave me the opportunity to break Emily’s bad dating habits, gain self-confidence, and ultimately step outside her comfort zone in an effort to find love," Lutin says. "We all remember being single in our 20s, and it was great to share the lessons that I’ve learned with Emily and see her evolve into someone who is ready to successfully date.”

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