You may think twice about going into the water when you step inside the open jaws of a Giant Megalodon at Sandoway House Nature Center this summer. On second thought, Megalodon (translated “Big Tooth”—DUH) has been gone for at least two million years so the beach may be Ok after all. Still, we can’t get enough of sharks, which is all the more reason to pop into Sandoway during this summer’s “Shark Months” of June, July and August.

The exhibit, presented in association with Jurassic Parts and the Palm Beach County Cultural Council, spans the prehistoric beginnings of the Giant Megalodon all the way through to today’s Great White. Other highlights of the exhibit include: a Great White Jaw along with 100 other genuine shark and ray jaws, Hawaiian Shark Tooth Weapons, a fossil dig for a shark tooth, and a photo opportunity inside the jaws of that monster prehistoric shark—which we like to think of as a Great White on steroids. (In fact, these big Megs were as long as 67 feet!) The Sandoway House will continue to offer its daily shark feedings (pesky little brothers are not on the menu, however) at its reef pool, Tuesdays through Saturdays at 10:30 am and Sundays at 1:30 pm. New for this year, select individuals will have the opportunity to assist in the hands-on feeding of the sharks (VIP fee and advanced reservations required).

So get a bigger boat. Swim with bowlegged ladies. Channel your Quint and have a deliciously chilling look at our favorite denizens of the deep. For more information, visit