When you go to a movie, why stuff yourself with stale popcorn lubed with faux butter when you can tuck into crab-stuffed shrimp with dill beurre blanc or a thick, juicy bone-in veal chop with lemon-oregano-Ouzo butter? And why drink flat Coke or plain bottled water when you can suck down something called Blood & Sand, made with 10-year-old single-malt scotch, or an “Italian mojito” tweaked with a house-made blend of basil, mint and coriander?

Uh. . . no reason I can think of.

Which is no doubt precisely what the folks at Tanzy, thene plus swankyrestaurant in the high-tech, high-end iPic Theater in Mizner Park, had in mind when they opened their elegant, eclectic “Artisan Italian” dining spot.

If any expense was spared in creating and finishing the 7,000-square-foot space, said to be inspired by Italy’s Amalfi Coast, it’s tough to see where amidst the profusion of exotic woods, plush fabrics, tiled walls and dozens of exotic (and certainly expensive) touches. The menu, though a bit on the high side, is accessible to the pocketbooks of mere mortals, with starters ranging from $10 to $14, pastas from $18 to $23 and entrees from $26 to $38.

Along with the shrimp and veal chop mentioned earlier are mussels roasted in a cast-iron skillet with hot Italian coppa, basil and sage linguine with lobster and charred escarole, ancho-marinated ahi with citrus jus, and duck breast with candied figs and mache. As you might have guessed from that recitation, this is not your granddaddy’s red sauce joint.

No wonder, as exec chef is Angelo Morinelli, who many of you may recognize from his long-running Cucina d’Angelo in Boca. Making sure the drink keeps up with the food is sommelier-mixologist Adam Seger, who’s a vet of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the esteemed French Laundry in the Napa Valley.

Here’s the relevant info: Tanzy is open daily for dinner, weekdays for lunch and weekends for brunch. Address is 301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton. Phone is 561/922-6699.

NOTE: Just to be clear about it, Tanzy (the restaurant) is a stand-alone eatery open to theater-goers and the public alike. It does not, however, serve food in the theaters themselves. That's the province of Tanzy Express.