There are lots of reasons cyclists might want to train inside: weather, traffic, logging miles or training on something other than Southeast Florida’s flat terrain. Now, there's one more reason.

A chance to be in the Doghouse.

The Doghouse Multisport Training Center, which is celebrating the grand opening at its new Delray Beach location June 29, offers indoor cycling, where riders use their own road bikes, hooking them up to a computerized training program. The program can simulate intervals, hills—even mimic specific race courses.

Cyclists can take classes, have their cycling technique and power output professionally assessed or get coaching to improve or prepare for an event.

And that’s not all. The Doghouse Multisport Training Center, which recently moved from its north Boca Raton location to 851 S.E. Sixth Ave., Suite 106, Delray Beach, also offers coaching in swimming and running. Put those together and you get other popular events: a triathlon or duathlon.

According to Rick Slifkin, co-owner Doghouse Multisport Training Center, indoor cycling offers a safer alternative.

"The studio allows athletes to get a focused, concentrated workout in a safe environment (unfortunately, the number of car-cyclist accidents is only increasing on our roads, even those with a dedicated bike lane),” Slifkin says. “Doghouse is also expanding on the 'multisport' aspect of its name with Brick workouts (bike-run sessions), new cross-training classes and the availability of swim and run coaching and training in addition to bike coaching and training.”

Classes cost $20, if you drop in. Package pricing is available, including a $99 monthly unlimited offer.

Slifkin and co-owner Scott D’Angelo are U.S.A. Triathlon (USAT) certified coaches. Slifkin is a veteran triathlete who has competed in multiple ironman events. He competed at the elite amateur event for many years and consistently posts one of the top bike times whenever he competes. Scott is a triathlete and ultra-runner. In recent years, D’Angelo has travelled extensively to compete in ultra events, such as Racing the Planet in Nepal, and finished Badwater, the 135 mile run through Death Valley that is recognized as the world's toughest footrace.

If you want to check out the Doghouse, the grand opening at the new location is open to the public. Visit the Doghouse Saturday, June 29, from 5 to 9 p.m., for food, drink, raffles and a $79 monthly unlimited opening special.

For more information about the Doghouse, call 561.245.5307 or visit

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