Combining different types of workouts is all the rage in fitness. Go to exercise classes at trendy gyms or spas and you’ll find ballet and Pilates, Latin dance and core, and other interesting pairings. The trend is in full force in Boca and Delray Beach.

Among the newbies on the scene: SloBody (209 N.E. Fifth Terrace) in Delray Beach, launched June 1 by founders Kirk Slobody and Janine Tiede. Slobody and Tiede had a studio in Seattle, Wash., but decided to move to sunny Florida. The SloBody approach blends yoga with old-school conditioning.

Tiede offers The Fit Life readers a glimpse at what makes SloBody different:

“We combine whole body conditioning exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, core work) with yoga postures and efficient breathing,” she says. “There is a flow to provide a balanced workout so exercises and postures seamlessly move from one to the next—but not in a sun salutation kind of way. The vibe is more of a ‘mindful jock,’ stripped of incense, chanting and other traditional yoga embellishments.”

“After years as NCAA Division 1 athletes and certified personal trainers, we are coaches as much as teachers. We get in the trenches, so to speak, motivating and encouraging clients as well as adapting exercises as needed to suit the individual.”

Check out these popular SloBody exercises:

Crescent Lunge: While standing with arms at your sides, slide your right foot 3 to 4 feet back (keep feet pointing forward). Press down with feet to form structural support. Lunge your left leg as close to a 90-degree angle as possible while keeping the knee over the ankle. Keep your right thigh firm without “locking” the knee. Bring your hands to your hips, and then slowly raise the arms up. Gaze forward, keep the neck long, and relax your shoulders. Gently raise your face above horizon line. Take six to 10 comfortable breaths, and then switch sides. This pose fully expands the chest wall to aid in deep breathing. It strengthens and relieves stiffness in the legs and stretches the hips. This is a great pose for counteracting long periods of sitting.

Crescent Lunge to Lunge Squats: Start in a basic Crescent Lunge. As you inhale, extend both legs and raise them up. As you exhale, lower down into the lunge. Key points to remember: Draw your belly button toward your spine as you lower into the lunge to keep pressure out of the low back. Front knee should point straight ahead and land directly over the heel at the bottom of the lunge. The lower the hips go in the lunge, the more intensity. Losing your balance? Move the back leg out a little wider (i.e. left leg moves left) to widen your base. This exercise strengthens the legs and opens the hips. It is easy to seamlessly transition from a dynamic conditioning movement (moving up and down) to a static hold in the lunge before moving on to the next element.

SloBody offers online and in-class programs. “We have a 30-minute video, dubbed the ‘Daily Dozen’ workout, that can be a stand-alone workout. Our other online offerings are a series of tutorials that serve to further educate anyone from novices to those desiring to deepen their understanding to teachers and aspiring teachers,” Tiede says. “Our tutorials help break down the postures into correct alignment, how to be more efficient with breathing during postures and what pitfalls to watch out for. Others offer a series of modifications for positions appropriate for fitness novices, those working with injuries, pregnancy and those looking to teach.”

Classes cost from $10 to $25, with packaged pricing. Online services run from $9.95 to $79.95/year.

Sign up online at, where schedules are posted; or call 561/400-0608.