Angela, I am looking to propose to my girlfriend and I don’t want to do something too cheesy. I want to be romantic and do something she would never expect. Of course I’m asking my friends, but I figured a woman’s advice couldn’t hurt. --Ring Bearer

Dear RB,

The best proposal is one YOU create yourself. I know you were looking to me and your friends for this amazing idea that she’ll never forget, but trust me, she will never forget your proposal. I’m a fan of simple, private, romantic, nostalgic…think of how your relationship has progressed and recreate a special night you’ve already experienced. Good memories revisited are always memorable and special. Good luck!

P.S. Have Champagne on hand to celebrate after she accepts!!

Dear Angela, I’m a terrible cook, and my boyfriend keeps asking me to make him dinner.  Like ALL the time.  I “faked” it once by ordering food and throwing out the evidence before he came over and he thinks I am a culinary queen. Now he has been even more persistent! Do I come clean or keep skirting the issue? --Take Out

Dear Take Out Queen,

Stop pretending you’re Rachel Ray! Maybe I’m wrong, but I know plenty of men, and I’ve never heard one utter, “She couldn’t cook so I had to dump her.” He will probably find it cute and endearing that you did the take out switcharoo before, but that’s a hard gig to keep up, and eventually he will catch on. Better to tell him now. Lies, even little white ones, don’t belong in a relationship.

As for your culinary prowess, there is help. Whole Foods and Publix both host cooking classes and there are also private lessons available if you prefer to hone your skills solo. But if you are convinced that cooking is just not for you, don’t worry. I haven’t cooked a meal in years and I’ve never had anyone tell me that’s a deal breaker.

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