Angela, I got out of a turbulent relationship about two months ago. I discovered my boyfriend was cheating on me and was incredibly heartbroken about it. I'm feeling better and better each day. I go out with my friends, I have a new haircut, and I have a friend of a friend who mentioned he'd love to get dinner sometime. He's cute and seems nice. I certainly don't want to rush into anything, but is a date okay this early? Is there a time frame for these things? --Gillian

Gillian, you’ve taken the healthy approach by taking time before dating again. While you probably still have moments of sadness, as you said, it gets less and less with each passing day. Dating again is a normal part of your healing process. Not only is it ok to date, but I highly recommend that you do. As long as you don’t rush into anything serious prematurely and “rebound” relationship, you will be just fine. Good luck.

Dear Angela, I'm about to move to a brand new city where I know almost no one. I'm single and look forward to dating in this new territory. Where should I start? Is online dating my only option? --Homeward Bound

HB, it’s not your only option, but it is a great one. Also consider co-ed groups that center around sports.  

There are kickball games or even things like a darts league that are fun and you’ll meet a ton of cool people. Sports not your thing? Then volunteer for a charity that you are passionate about or find social events for your age groups. You get the idea. Many of the online dating sites also sponsor events for singles. I would recommend going to a few of these as well. Most importantly, get out and meet as many people as possible. This is not the time to stay home alone.

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