1) Angela, if you had to do it over again on your "Millionaire Matchmaker" episode, what would have done differently?—Brittany

I actually never thought about that, Brittany.Even though Jeff and I were clearly not a match (and I knew that going into the date), I still had a nice time and he was a really sweet guy—just not for me. But, if I were given a do-over, I suppose I would have asked Patti to find me a suitable choice. I’m pretty specific in what type of man catches my attention, and none of the guys that were chosen for me fit that description. If she didn’t give me other options, I suppose going on a date with my ex-husband instead would have been my choice.Of course, it would not have been a romantic date, but we know each other pretty well.He definitely would have given me some competition at skeet shooting!

2) You really came off as an aggressive, Type-A personality in your ["Millionaire Matchmaker"] appearance. A wimp doesn't stand a chance with you, as we saw. What happens when you're confronted by an equally aggressive male?—Cougar Man

To answer this question, I need to explain wolf biology. Wolf biology is important to this discussion as the terms “Alpha Male” and “Alpha Female” originate from our study of wolf behavior. In the wild, wolves live in packs.The pack is usually led by a dominant male, The Alpha Male.The Alpha Male mates with one female. That female is the Alpha Female.She is dominant over the rest of the pack, both males and females.The Alpha Female is submissive to only one male: the Alpha Male.

When I do encounter an Alpha Male, I acknowledge his authority, and I am submissive.Despite the fact that I am aggressive and Type A (both accurate descriptions), I am not confrontational.I know which males are my Alpha ... and which are not.

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