A lot of times when I’m in a relationship I get too comfortable and let loose, in all the wrong ways. What is the best advice you have for someone to avoid getting into this horrible habit?


-Burn your sweatpants.

-Close the door when you use the facilities.

-Don’t slack on personal grooming. In other words, keep that standing waxing appointment like you did in your single days.

- When he comes through the door, stop whatever you are doing to greet him. I can’t stress enough how much this one act affects a man and his feelings toward you.

-Initiate sex twice a week.

One of the benefits of a relationship is the joy of being comfortable enough to reveal your worst and knowing you are loved unconditionally. Just make sure “your worst” becomes the exception, not the rule.


What is the acceptable amount of times to go out with a guy before having the "let’s become exclusive" conversation?

There isn’t. I adamantly believe women should not start that conversation. As a whole, men are more cautious about jumping into commitment. The worst thing that can happen is for him to feel pressured to take the relationship to a different level. When men feel like they are cornered, they run away screaming like their hair is on fire. This is why so many budding relationships crash and burn out of nowhere. He didn’t just get cold feet. He got cold feet because we pushed him into the icy cold lake!

This does not mean you’re supposed to hold your breath wondering if the relationship will ever move to exclusive status. You have ways of directing him there. Men respond to actions, not words. Live your life. Make yourself unavailable occasionally. Be slightly mysterious. Remember, he is not your “boyfriend” yet. A man who is into you will lock it down if he thinks there’s a chance he may lose you. So keep him wondering at times. I’m not advocating playing games; what I’m telling you is to do your own thing. A happy and fulfilled woman is a woman that’s sexy ... and one he will want all to himself.