Dear Angela, I’m planning on spending Thanksgiving with my girlfriend’s family since our relationship is getting serious and I have yet to meet them.  How do I go about telling my family without them getting offended? -Anonymous

Families can be tricky. They are overbearing, opinionated, possessive...but wow are they the ones that are really there for us when things get difficult. I understand your hesitation in telling them you won’t be with them for Thanksgiving. To soften the blow, make alternate plans to see them on another weekend or the next big holiday.

At the end of the day, your family will realize while they may have to share you, there’s plenty of love to go around.

Dear Angela, When I started dating my boyfriend three years ago, I told him I didn’t believe in marriage.  But over time, I realized that I actually do want to get married.  What should I do? -Secretly dreaming of a wedding dress

Ahh, all the bridesmaids dresses collecting in your closet got the best of you, huh? Here’s the deal.  We grow. We evolve.  We are allowed to change our mind on things, including whether or not we want to be a Mrs.

What you didn’t tell me is how your boyfriend feels about marriage.  Something tells me he may not want marriage, and at the time, you agreed.  If that is the case, this may be a relationship changer when you tell him you want to get married.  Or, after three years together he may want to make if official.

Bottom line: you have to tell him your feelings.  Relationships work best with open and honest communication. A decision as big as this should not be held back.  Good luck.


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