Lavender, grape, wine, plum, violet, raisin, amethyst. No matter the hue, the fact is, purple is in for fall 2012. Designers from Louis Vuitton, Akris, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent to Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen featured all shades of purple on the runways. In silk, wool, lame, cashmere, and leather, purple is everywhere.  And not just clothing. It is a feature color for eye shadows, nail lacquer, shoes, even home decorating trends for 2012 feature purple. A purple kitchen? Um...

One of the first pieces that caught my eye was the patent madison lindsay satchel by Coach in plum. Yum. Then there were the peep toe purple Jill Stuart shoes. Now unless you are a very confident purply kind of person, I see purple as a mate to other colors. For fall grape and gray is beautiful. Plum and camel. Violet and black. Purple has such a varied palette of shades, cool to warm, that it pairs well as an accent or base color, no matter your skin/hair tone. But it is just a trend so don’t go crazy plumping up your closet with purple!

I always wonder how a trend like this starts. Who actually gets the dominoes tumbling by deciding the “it” color? It reminds me of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly lectures Andrea Sachs about her “lumpy” blue sweater... her cerulean blue sweater.  Just goes to show you, it’s not nice to snicker at the fashion world. Somewhere right now, in some frenzied fashion workroom, or glass walled penthouse office, a color for the next season is being chosen for us. What will it be, and why?

For fall 2012, purple may not be the new black, because black is even bigger than purple, but it is a color trend for autumn that will provide purple lovers a candy store of options from head to toe.

Cathy Ann Sauer is a buyer for Nina Raynor in Delray Beach and fashion contributor to Boca Raton magazine and our sister publication, Salt Lake magazine.