One of the few things I miss about California, where I lived for 30-plus years, is Trader Joe’s. If you’ve never been, think of a hip, affordable, California-esque cross between Costco and Whole Foods, where you can get everything from fresh fruits and veggies to household staples to “gourmet” foods and wines of all description.

Its combination of selection and prices, plus a laid-back, easy-going ambiance, make is so popular that communities, like West Palm Beach, practically beg to get a TJ’s in their area. Well, so far at least, West Palm has struck out. But later this year the second Trader Joe’s on Southeast coast of Florida will indeed open a few miles up I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens, in PGA Plaza at the corner of PGA Boulevard and Prosperity Farms Road. (The first SEFla TJ’s will open in Pinecrest later this year.)

No details just yet, but there should be plenty of buzz as the opening day gets closer.