Call of the Wild

A slight rumbling accompanies an early-evening mist that settles lightly on a canopy of palm fronds. It sounds, at first, like a distant thunderstorm announcing its impending arrival. But this call has no connection to the weather—only to the wild. It’s the roar of an African lion, a bellow that sets off a chorus of […]


Web Extras: December/January 2012-13

TASTE OF THE DOMINICAN Luca Banfi, chef at Beach Club by Le Cirque, shares three recipes popular with visitors to Casa de Campo. —– GISELLE MEZA: THE REST OF THE STORY The former model and Boca resident shares a harrowing tale of abduction and sex trafficking. —— THE INFLUENCERS With innovative spirit, big-picture […]

Bring it on Home

Step inside 10 dazzling and distinct Florida rooms and find out what makes these interior spaces as functional as they are striking.



Where to Volunteer

Show the community you care. Follow the lead of these local charities and make a difference during the upcoming holiday season. SPIRIT OF GIVING NETWORK What: More than 50 Palm Beach County nonprofit organizations participate in an effort to assist children and families in our area. Each winter, the network partners with the Junior League […]


Spotlight: Stella McCartney

She’s a world-famous fashion designer, whose sophisticated, sexy pieces are favored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. She also has a separate line for children under 12, as well as fragrance and skin-care products. This summer, she designed athletic apparel for the entire Great Britain team at the London Olympics. […]


Faces: Giselle Meza

Before leaving Nepal, to which she makes an average of five nearly 9,000-mile pilgrimages from Boca Raton each year, Giselle Meza never fails to share a goodbye cry with Pamila. Pamila is one of the original 12 rescued victims of sex trafficking offered medical care, food, safe housing—and the chance to heal—by Puresa Humanitarian, the […]


Poetic License

For many of us, poetry is the stuff of 18th-century bards, inscrutable scribblers and ivory tower academes—a world of lofty, abstract literature inaccessible to the masses. But it also can be used to get girls. “My love of poetry began in high school,” says Palm Beach resident Miles Coon, founder of the Palm Beach Poetry […]

Florida Table

Our food editor whets your holiday appetite with the Rolls-Royce of epicurean combinations—Champagne and caviar. Also, we feature our cocktail of the month, check out what’s happening on the local restaurant front and put calzones to the Challenge.

Web Extras

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