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Miami Reborn

By: Chelsea Greenwood

A city struggling to retain its relevance only a few years ago, Miami is on the rebound in a variety of categories. Find out what’s new, what’s hot and why it’s cool again to visit our neighbor to the south.

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Cancer in the First Person

By: Tom Collins

Boca Raton brings a variety of perspectives to a disease that will touch thousands of lives this year in our community alone, stepping through the corridors of cancer with professionals and patients most familiar with the daunting journey. 

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Boca Raton keeps you connected to South Florida with the latest trends, tips and news in four categories.

Shop - Luxurious watches that stand the test of time; gifts ideas for your Valentine

Home - How to add both style and substance to a South Florida kitchen

Body - The latest cycling accessories; how to keep your heart healthy

Travel - Rediscovering some hidden gems throughout Europe; local cruise news

A&E - Special interviews with Festival of the Arts headliners; the Hot List.

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Florida Table:

Turn on your taste buds with foods (and local dishes) known for their aphrodisiac qualities, raise a glass to the official cocktail of New Orleans, check out what’s happening on the local restaurant front and see how the chicken Caesar salad stands up to the Boca Challenge.


Meet one of the popular stars on the local polo circuit, the reigning Woman Volunteer of the Year and a Boca attorney standing up for underage victims of sexual abuse.

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She has legendary shoes to fill, but Lourdes Lopez, new artistic director for Miami City Ballet, is more than up to the challenge.

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Our Town:

Spend time with the local people who make our community so special—including a local love doctor, a superstar in the world of wheelchair sports, and a ballerina who wowed America on “So You Think You Can Dance!” Plus, get the lowdown on this year’s Allianz Championship.

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Web Extras:

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