Odd Jobs

There is a service for just about anything in and around Boca. The following 13 business will take care of customers in ways you may have never imagined. Personal eBay Auctioning The business: Just Sell It Owner: Lisa Feldman The lowdown: We’ve all heard stories of people making big bucks from selling their old stuff […]


Case Closed

The murder of John Walsh’s son is finally solved—and there is something like redemption for a grieving father. It was 2006 at the Atlantic Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted” and his wife, Revé, had arranged a meeting with retired detective Joe Matthews, who had worked on the still-unsolved case […]

Zen and Now

Spring fashion soars amid the tranquil outdoor splendor at Delray’s Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.
photography by Danny Cardozo.

Click here to watch a behind the scenes video.



Slice of Life: Paul Vance

In 2006, songwriter Paul Vance joined an elite club that includes Paul McCartney, Pope John Paul II and Mark Twain: He lived to read his own obituary. The mistaken death was reported by the News-Times of Danbury, Conn., after an Ormond Beach man who claimed to be Vance succumbed to lung cancer. The Associated Press […]


Faces: Craig and Beth Peschl

Craig and Beth Peschl Owners, Ellenville Garden Center It’s the last place you’d expect in Boca Raton, land of high-end jewelers and gourmet restaurants. But at the corner of Federal Highway and 11th street, right across from Babione Funeral home, is a little piece of the way life used to be here, back before there […]


Second Act

For the South Florida theater community, June 6, 2011, is a day that will live in infamy. This was the day, less than 24 hours after the closing of its best production of the season, that Florida Stage announced that it had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and would cease operations. The news hit […]

Florida Table

Lamb dishes take center stage as Boca Raton’s expanded culinary section celebrates spring. In addition, we check out the local restaurant scene and put Cobb salad to the Challenge.