History in the Making

It’s not just “old world,” it’s old school. And we don’t mean fusty. We mean mannerly—steeped in decorum but with a warmth you’d find in most small Southern towns. These are the hallmarks of the venerable Gasparilla Inn & Club, a Florida landmark that was started by the Boca Grande Land Company on Gasparilla Island. […]


Can’t Stop the Music

South Florida remains a breeding ground for local musicians looking to break into the mainstream in genres ranging from country to classical. Look no further than the following artists—all poised for the big time. Maggie Baugh: The talented crooner gives new meaning to the genre “early country.” Photography by Micah Kvidt On a busy afternoon […]


Does Boca Make the Grade

We asked experts in a number of areas—from finance to tourism—to give us an updated report card for the city. Here’s how we scored.* Boca Raton calls itself a “city for all seasons.” It’s a nod to the year-round warm weather, but the slogan may be more boastful than that. It has the ring of […]



Face Time: Peggy Jones

Little about the room directly across from Peggy Jones’ office—with its neatly arranged desks, old-school wooden podium and secondhand computers—screams transformative. But don’t tell that to the down-and-out locals who’ve launched personal comebacks at one of the 12 workstations here. For approxi-mately 600 unemployed individuals over the past five years, there has been magic in […]


Know Your Noodles

Asian restaurants typically offer an inordinate number of noodle dishes. Here are the basics. Mein: The more familiar transliteration of “mian,” the basic Chinese noodle, made from wheat flour, water and egg. Ramen: The Japanese word for the Chinese noodle, introduced in Japan in the early 1900s. It’s made with kansui, an alkaline mineral water. […]


Opening Doors

Michelle Rubin and husband Bob were sitting in a small office at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a Johns Hopkins affiliate in Baltimore, Md., when a team of doctors rendered their verdict on Jan. 29, 1995 after three days of testing. The Rubins’ son, Scott, about to turn 3, had been diagnosed with moderate to severe […]

Shop Talk

Boca Raton takes an eco-conscious look at style, skin-care products and home accessories with the help of local experts devoted to all things organic.

Feel Good

As if the weather wasn’t enough to get you out the front door, we have eight outdoor adventures worth investigating. Also, find out how local hospitals are doing more than ever to accommodate patients.

Backstage Pass

Our A&E insider turns the Festival of the Arts spotlight on neuroscientist and author Daniel J. Levitin. Also, Take 5 with a South Florida radio personality and founder of a famed broadcasting school, who is celebrating a major anniversary.

Dining Guide

Don’t leave home without it—our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in South Florida, including new reviews of 13 American Table in Boca and Terra Fiamma in Delray.

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