Working-Class Wisdom

People line up to hear from the likes of politicians and pundits, scholars and celebrities. But what about the average working men and women who patrol our streets, mow our lawns, cut our hair and pour our beers? We decided it was time to pick their brains and discover the pearls of wisdom they’ve gleaned […]


State of the Arts

Take a walk on the cultural side of the Sunshine State this summer–from the fine arts in Jacksonville to the film culture of Orlando to the literary scene in Key West–with the help of Boca Raton’s annual “Florida Explorer” section. [Mick Hales, View of Italian Fountain at Dusk or Dawn, April 2004. Photograph courtesy of […]

Whatever Suits You

The latest in swimwear takes center stage—as orchestrated by a professor and her fashion photography students from Lynn University.



Spring Smells So Sweet

Today marks the first day of spring and we could not be happier. Spring brings longer days, fresh flowers, lovely pastel colors, airy clothes and new scents. Burberry Brit will be releasing two new fragrances in a matter of days, and Boca Raton already had a chance to sample the limited edition scents. The high-end […]


Take 5: Jane Kelly

Take 5: Jane Kelly, Acting teacher On Thursday nights in Jane Kelly’s ongoing acting workshop, approximately 30 aspiring actors of all ages gather in a remote warehouse in Deerfield Beach. The dimly lit performance room has just one sign on its walls: “Respect the Craft of Acting. Respect Your Fellow Actor.” Over the next couple […]

Hometown Heros: Family Promise

An interfaith Delray nonprofit gives hope to struggling families in their time of need. In the same way it takes a village to raise a child, a local organization believes that sometimes it takes a community to rescue a family. Hidden behind St. Vincent Ferrer Church in Delray Beach is the headquarters of Family Promise, […]


Faces: David Hoffman

A Boca resident sheds light on human-rights abuses in Iran. The Iranian government refers to it behind closed doors as “the Bahá’í question”—how to “deal” with the country’s largest non-Muslim religious minority, a peace-based faith that preaches inclusion and spiritual unity. The official response to that question—the state-mandated persecution and imprisonment of Bahá’í leaders and […]


Gourmet diet food delivered to your door; healthy home cooking


Why the hottest trend in color has everyone seeing orange

Florida Table

Put the thrill back into your grill this spring and summer with help from Boca Raton. In addition, we check out the local restaurant scene and put fried chicken to the Challenge.

Boca Roundtable

An esteemed panel of experts/activists representing the county’s Human Rights Council, Compass and FAU speak candidly on issues impacting the local gay/lesbian community.