A Taste of Forbidden Fruit

**With the big news related to opening diplomatic relations with Cuba this week, we thought it appropriate to post our recent travel story on the island nation. Through travel windows such as “people-to-people” tours, Americans are pulling back the curtain on Castro-era Cuba. Photography by Charles and Mary Love Our taxi pulled up to a […]


Women’s Health: A Special Report

It turns out that our parents were right: What’s on the inside really does count. That’s why living a healthy life should be more than just a wistful New Year’s resolution. Keeping the human body running on all cylinders is serious business. It takes discipline, dedication and aware-ness, as well as plenty of good old-fashioned […]


The Need for Weed

With a statewide vote to legalize medical marijuana on the horizon, experts on both sides of the issue debate the merits of Florida going to pot. Jeff Kennedy showed up to his first appointment with a cancer doctor already knowing exactly how he was going to treat his chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a potentially fatal blood […]


Cheap Eats

You don’t have to be cheap to like cheap eats. After all, everybody likes a good deal. The problem is that “cheap,” “deal” and “value” are thoroughly subjective. What’s inexpensive to Bill Gates might be out-of-this-world pricy to those not born with a black Amex card in their cribs. As we live in one of […]

White Hot

Summer swimwear makes a chic statement as staged and photographed by a fashion class from Lynn University.



Face Time: Sheena Colette

When established Hollywood actors note that “it’s all about the work,” they can come off as sincere as the athlete who “takes it one game at a time.” But after listening to a reporter read through some of her early roles as described on a popular Internet database, Sheena Colette makes it abundantly clear that, […]


CrossFit Basics

Five Common CrossFit exercises – and advice on playing it safe. [ 1 ] Clean and Jerk: This move-ment starts with the bar on the ground. Bring the bar to your shoulders and press it overhead. [ 2 ] Deadlift: Start with the bar (and weights) on the ground. Don’t round your back or look […]


Swimsuit Inspiration: Jessica Garcia

On paper, Jessica Garcia would not have made a good Musketeer. The founder of Ola Feroz swimwear in Boca Raton (805 E. Palmetto Park Road, is anything but a one-for-all designer, tailoring each hand-created piece to the individual. Here, the graduate of Florida Atlantic University (with Venezuelan ties) discusses what’s most important when hunting […]


Home Town: Fabiola Brumley

Banking on a love for the business, one woman works her way to the top. As is very often the case, the best advice Fabiola Brumley ever got was from her father: “Nothing is too easy, and nothing is too hard.” It’s the kind of evenhanded aphorism you’d expect from one of South Florida’s most […]

The Boca Interview

Novelist, TV host and conspiracy junkie Brad Meltzer’s passion for history continues to lead him down some strange-but-true corridors.

Backstage Pass

Get ready for an upcoming exhibition that may seem like child’s play but actually is much more, meet the owner of Boca’s Funky Biscuit, and check out the hottest events in May and June.

Dining Guide

Don’t leave home without it—our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in South Florida, including a new review of Fork & Knife in Boca.

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