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Living on the Edge

By: Tom Collins

The combination of a challenging economy and tenuous job market has left more than its share of middle- and upper-class Palm Beach County residents in dire straits, prompting organizations in and around Boca to double their efforts.

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Man About Town

Photography By: Billy Coleman

Men’s fashion takes a debonair turn this fall with clothing and accessories long on style and high in class.

Burger Mania

By: Bill Citara

No longer just a fast-food staple, high-quality burgers have become menu items of the highest order at South Florida establishments built around the all-beef patty.

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Boca Raton keeps you connected to South Florida with the latest trends, tips and news in five categories.

Shop - Women borrow a style page from their male counterparts.

Body - Target workouts for specific body parts; why salt is good for you.

Home - Adding an exotic touch to interiors with Moroccan-inspired decor.

Travel - Inside the enchanting North African world of Morroco.

A&E - Success story at the Maltz; 2012-13 cultural season preview. Click here to read more.

Florida Table:

Tired of the same-old, same-old Thanksgiving menu? Let Boca Raton expand your turkey-day spread with out-of-box recipes. Also, we present our cocktail of the month, check out the local restaurant scene and, in honor of our burger feature, put french fries to the Challenge.


Meet one of the few female master sommeliers in the world, a local farmer on a mission and a prosecutor leading the battle against Internet predators and child pornography.

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He’s been credited with saving/prolonging the lives of more than 1 million people. Meet FAU professor Charles Hennekens, the world-renowned scientist behind one of the great discoveries in recent times.

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Our Town:

Spend time with the local people who make our community so special—including a local “Design Star,” a former actor bringing history alive, and Boca Raton’s resident dating expert.

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