Here’s the Beef

Some people say the symbol of America is the Statue of Liberty. Some say it’s the White House or the Washington Monument. Others believe it’s the Grand Canyon or the mighty Mississippi. They are all wrong. It’s the hamburger. Yes, that humble disc of ground beef nestled in a butter-soft bun, topped with neon American […]


Living on the Edge

An extended stretch of joblessness, even in a county known for its pockets of affluence, can trigger a swift, shocking collapse that turns haves into have-nots. Meet some hard-working locals who have walked that thin line—and learn about the organizations in and around Boca that keep hope alive for those on the brink of losing […]

Man About Town

Men’s fashion takes a debonair turn this fall with clothing and accessories long on style and high in class.



The 30-Minute Interview: Miera Melba

Miera Melba dishes on what it was like competing on HGTV’s “Design Star” and much more during a half-hour conversation with Boca Raton. 1) The Delray Beach interior designer was one of 14 contestants this summer, culled from thousands of entries, on the seventh season of HGTV’s “Design Star” series. Each week, she took on […]


Q&A: Charles Hennekens

As the joke goes in National Institutes of Health circles, aspirin is older than medicine itself—because God told Moses to take two tablets when he came down from the mountain. But when it comes to pronouncements of biblical proportions involving aspirin, nothing tops the Physician’s Health Study published 24 years ago in the New England […]


Faces: Jason McCobb

Jason “Farmer Jay” McCobb is feeding leftovers to his pig, Pearl, and wondering when the chickens are going to start delivering eggs. He is standing in a grove of royal palms on a weedy five-acre tract that’s down a farm road few in the adjacent country clubs probably know about. But this scrubby patch of […]


Take 5: Andrew Kato

The most compelling story in local theater belies the aphorism that “you can’t go home again.” Andrew Kato did just that in 2005, assuming the reins of the struggling, then-3-year-old Maltz Jupiter Theatre and reforming it as the region’s gold standard for Broadway classics. The son of a puppeteer, Kato, 47, moved to Jupiter from […]

Florida Table

Tired of the same-old, same-old Thanksgiving menu? Let Boca Raton expand your turkey-day spread with out-of-box recipes. Also, we present our cocktail of the month, check out the local restaurant scene and, in honor of our burger feature, put french fries to the Challenge.